Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Best Things

Favorite shredder right now:

Captain Jimmy Nelson. I googled searched Jimmie and this is what came up:

Every time I see Jimmy he is skating and every time, he does something that reminds me why skating is the best thing in the world. Jimmie!!!!!!!!

Favorite Bar:

Table Bar. Hottest Bar in San Francisco. Located right outside of my kitchen. Real Exclusive. It only sits about 5 at a time, but it is always a good time at Table Bar.  It was founded late night style by Rory and me. Since it opened it has been popping off nearly every night.

Favorite Bromance:

Last night Danny and I went on a Bromantic date to the bowling alley.

Game 1: Billy 155 Danny 177
Game 2: Billy 147 Danny 130
Game 3: Billy 137 Danny 130
Game 4: Billy 179 Danny131
Game 5: Billy 146 Danny **
Game 6: Billy 150 Danny **

** scores under 130 don't count in our league

ps. Those are our real scores. We are getting real good.

Then we went on a dinner date. After our first 5 choices were closed we settled on a shitty Chinese food place in North Beach, also known as the town Rory built. It was awful. So Danny decided we need to throw his let over food off of something high like Coit tower and watch it "splatter". Before we did that we went and had many cocktails at Romola 15. I found out Danny doesn't understand how drinking works. At one point he said "Bill, I'm so confused. I don't feel drunk, am I gonna be drunk later? Cause right now I feel like I could do math!" Trust me neither one of us were in any shape to do math. Later we did find a spot to throw the Chinese food off. It seemed anti-climatic, but we quickly realized that it was super fun and really wasteful. Sorry mother earth.

Last, but not least:

Morgan Peirce

Do you see this photo? Yoga and Cigs!

If I didn't mention you in this post don't worry. I haven't forgotten about anyone. I love you all!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Rosser's Last Stand

I just got a call from my buddy Tim. Tim is working on a film about his great great great great grandaddy General George Crook. Tim asked me to play the part of General Custer. Not because I am good actor, but because he thinks I have a good mustache. It looks like we will film in South Dakota in the dead of winter. Sometime in February hopefully.

I am super siked because A. I never been to South Dakota B. I imaging the crew will go nuts from the cold. Shinning style C. I have always wanted to film a death scene

Sooooo....... if you see me dressed in a Civil War uniform mumbling about Indians don't worry I am just getting into character.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Marvin Sease - Candy Licker

"Marvin Sease aka"The Candy Licker" (February 16, 1946 - February 8, 2011)[1] was an American blues and soul Singer/Songwriter known for his racy lyrics."

R.I.P.   Candy Licker

Monday, October 3, 2011

How many rhum punches did it take to make this photo?

Dorrie doesn't know where she is or she has never been happier, either way she looks amazing! Ghost Annie is killing it, drinking a bud lite and smoking a cigar. Brooks looks like she is holding it together, but I am gonna guess by her dirty disgusting feet that she is real drunk. Molly of course can do no wrong, she always was the nicest one.

Thank you Annie, for giving me yet another reason to love Dorrie. There are only two things that could make this photo any better #1 if I was looking at while I sat on the porch in Cape May #2 if I was sitting on the porch in cape may looking at this photo, eating soup with CJ's Grandma and touching her soft cloud like hair. "Ooo Grigs"

I fucking love cape may. Lets move to cape may and waste away.


 Wiley, we need to find someone with a $2,000 backgammon board. I refuse to play with anything less then precision dice!!! Just look at this fucking thing we are gonna roll double 6s all day!!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Two of my Favorites

For quite some time now, I have been buying up any of Remy Lbo's music that I can get my hands on. I am now searching for anything I can find of Adrian Younge's music. So when I saw that both of them had play lists featured on Wax Poetics Digital page I bought them right away. Personally I can not think of a better way to get a mix tape from one of your best friends than stumbling upon it on a super influential website. Adam thank you for taking the time to talk to me about Jazz, Soul, Funk, Sci-Fi and anything else awesome. Hopefully your play list will keep me off your back for a couple weeks, but it will probably only fill me with more questions for you my man. Love you.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Daddy Likey:

                       This is from 2009

Thursday, September 15, 2011

for brendan ash

You drop the bomb on me is tight, but this song is the real jam:
Plus what the fuck does this video have to do with the song? Someone please explain

Monday, September 12, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

this song

gets me hyped as fuck!!! G Davis lets have a dance party

Sunday, July 31, 2011

this old game

My friend my friend, we retired this game a while ago. I don't wanna bring it back.  SO don't tempt me!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Blog

Our new Bloggy! Check it out. It is a work in progress but it should be good.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

subway flute players

This shit is the worst!

I'm watching Aguirre the Wrath of God and it reminded me of the Subway Flute players. They are everywhere and it is, in option, the least interesting of all Subway "Talent." The stress test is more interesting to me. They all play over the same prerecorded track. It is super lame.

I know it is a weird line of thought, but there is a flute player in the movie and it reminded me of them. Adam what is your take on the flute players?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

War and Peace

Yep, I'm doing it. I have choose my summer read. Before you jump to conclusions hear me out. I finished book two of the Game of Thrones epic. The two books combined for total of about 1,700 pages. Which in my mind has geared me up for a serious book. War and Peace. If I am ever to read this book it is now. Also it is really a pleasant read. Not to crazy heavy and it really flows well. If you think I am bragging, I am not. While you are out having fun in the sun I will be inside reading War and Peace. I have a problem and I need help. PS. Oregon is really pretty. Really, Really pretty.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Full Circle

This is how I am spending my morning: calling people who owe me money. I am really good at it. I had some practice in my early 20's with this sort of thing. The trick to calling people who owe you money is being as comfortable as possible when making the call. This can be achieved in many different ways. One I like is drinking beer in my underwear when I call. This gives your voice an even tone when calling someone. So as not to spook the person who owes you money.  Check back in tomorrow for advice on extorting money while you shower.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Raining Day Remy LBO

It is raining hard as fuck in San Francisco right now. Which means the world is ending. I am spending my last days listening to this:
Maybe the best album cover of all time, but I might be a little biased, I love Canals!!! Buy this album if you haven't already bought it. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

A clash of kings book 2 of 7

Adam I can't thank you enough for saying "I heard this is good" in that book store in LA. I do have to tell you that you heard wrong. It is better than good. It is fucking amazing.  I bought the first book at the end of April and I am about to finish the second book.  I read 2 books in between, just to read something different. I read them as fast as possible. I couldn't tell you shit about them or do I care to ever read them again. I am not saying that to show you how much I read or how fast I read.  I'm telling you that to show how this has taken over my thoughts. All I care about is finding out which main character will be killed off next. It is fucking nuts! It is like a mid evil soap opera, but better.

If you have seen the show on HBO or you are planning on watching it, don't do it. Read the books first. It is as if there was a book series for Lost before it became a show or The Wire before it became show. It puts the show to shame. Granted I one day will watch the show, but for now the books are to tight to put down. The whole time I have been writing this all I have thought about is how much I wanna finish the second book so I can start the third, but I have to make the precious last. The precious. I need the precious. 

Beware these books will fuck you up. I thought earlier today "maybe I would like to go to a Renaissance fair." I can tell you right now I don't want to go to a Renaissance fair there is nothing I hate more, but these books are fucking with my mind!

Peace and Light. I love you. I will be back soon from this far away land, I swear.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Conference Calls

I had my weekly conference call today. It was super stressful. I had to give the big boss man some answers. I didn't like that. So I had a beer and pushed through.

I think I am gonna quit working and go back to school.  Rodney Dangerfield style.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Pretentious Garfunkel

I don't know what to think about this: The Last thousand books Art Garfunkel read. It is a list of all of the books that Art Garfunkel has read over the last 40 years. I tried to do this, but forgot to write some down. I think I will start again. Check back in 2051 and see what I've read.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Its not an overnight fling

Morgan and I are in a band. We don't have a name, we don't record our songs and you will never see us play live, but we cover songs like this:

Just in case you can't hear how amazing this song is, here are the lyrics:

I found a woman
I felt I truely loved
She was everything
I'd ever been dreaming of

But she was bad, I didn't know it
Her pretty smile never did show it
All I knew is what I could see
And I knew I wanted her for me

I took her home to mama
Mama wanted to see my future bride
Well she looked at us both
Then she called me to her side

She said, son, take time to know her
It's not an overnight fhing
Take time to know her
Please don't rush into this thing

But I didn't listen to mama
I went straight to the church
I just couldn't wait to have a little girl of mine
When I got off from work
The preacher was there
So was my future bride
He looked at us both and then he called me to his side

Take time to know her
Its not an overnight fling
You better take time to know her
Please Please don't rush into this thing

When it look like every thing was gonna turn out all right
And then I came home a little early one night
And there she was kissin on another man
Now I know what mama meant when she took me by the hand
And said son, take time to know her
Its not an overnight fling
Take time to know her
Please don't rush into this thing
Take time to know her
Its not an overnight fling
Take time to know her

a little sneak peek

I show up around a minute thirty. Check out my kissing scene.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Eye Hell

I just got back from eye hell. Every time I go to the eye doctor I feel like they are just fucking with me. This time was no different. They dilated my eyes and shined bright lights on my eyes. Which just hurts, a lot. I wanted to say "hey asshole if I wasn't blind before I walked in here, I am now." This Nazi torture camp shit went on for an hour while matchbox 20 was blasting over the radio. My eyes look like i have been doing cocaine since yesterday morning.
 The only good thing they did was give me these sick Terminator shades!! Fuck you eye doctors, we are not friends!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Head of the Cow

I just read The Shipwrecked Men by Cabeza De Vaca or as Danny refers to him "The head of the cow." It is the account of Vaca's exploration of Florida/Mexico. *Spoiler Alert* They Start out 600 deep, but by the end they are just 5 naked dudes walking around breathing on people. Sounds tight, right?

Penguin has a series of books called Penguin Great Journeys. These books have amazing titles and real "hip" covers. Which means.....?


Saturday, June 4, 2011

BART on Yelp

I needed to find out what time BART ran till. This supplied me with the answer I needed and maybe a little more:

-BART......... Bart, bart, bart.  You need to LISTEN right now and LISTEN GOOD.  Run past FREAKIN 12AM.  And I mean AT LEAST until like, 2:30 am.  I'm serious now.  Don't even begin to play wit me cuz ima take out mah hoops and fight chu.

Do you even KNOW how man car loads of club crashers drive over the Bay Bridge to hit up city spots?  And I'll tell you exactly what happens... Tina (generic condescending female who is pretending to be matronly and responsible to avoid her serious relationship issues in that she NEEDS a man, a real prince this time, and can't seem to find one) says, "Oh, I'll drive.  I promise, no worries... I'm super hung over from last night anyway (what, Tina, hung over from the lifetime reruns and Kleenex brand tissues with lotion to wipe away your tears of shame? No, you're right, it was probably those big plans you had... ha.)

THEN Tina texts her "BFF" dude who lives in another city just to see what's up (not like she hasn't been in love with him for 5 years after they roomed together in college or something) only to find that he's out on a date with some tramp from the marketing department at his mediocre job thats pays way less than Tina's though she pretends that she's jealous to make him feel like a real man...  And you know what, I bet he's taking the date to Applebees or some shit like that.  Probably for the two for one happy hour on cocktails and appetizers...... or something

Well WATCH HER!  Because there goes your DD.... Next thing you know she's demanding chardonnay at a DIVE bar because she's had enough and this is really going to be the time that she stops talking to him... And you're screwed.

SEE Bart?  THAT'S why you have to run past midnight.  Because those idiots think Tina can handle it as soon as she stops crying, and then they get in the car and DRIVE back across the damn bridge.

Well, fellow yelpers.  I think you can clearly see my thoughts on the good ol' Bay Area Rapid Transit, and you can agree with why I've given them only 4 stars, rather than 5.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Post 799

This is amazing

Willie Bobo - Coming Over Me

WHAT!?! So sick!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Did you ever notice...

that people look like their dogs?

yes please

So tight

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Skating your way into trouble

Some guy is Salmon's Island shot and pepper sprayed some kids for skateboarding in his neighborhood. The news people could care less. Watch this. It is really crazy the way people treat skateboarders in Maryland.  Remember this:
it is gnarly. Maryland needs to chill the fuck out. I had crazy shit said to me, a cop asked me if I'm in into little boys because I happen to be skateboarding at the same place as a couple kids. I really miss that.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

something in the name

I've been on an album buying kick lately. It started a couple weeks ago and now I can't stop. I spent 30 bucks at amoeba today, but I got some good stuff. I also put back some gems. Put back list: Hot buttered soul (had to walk on by), 2 Lou Rawls albums for a dollar each, a Wes Montgomery album for a dollar, 2 Rick James albums, A willy nelson album and 2 Charles Mingus albums. Nothing I considered was over 6 dollars. What I ended up getting was a bunch of albums that John Coltrane played on.

I bought Steaming with The Miles Davis Quintet, Miles and Monk at Newport, Miles Davis and John Coltrane Stockholm 1960, Africa/Brass The John Coltrane Quartet, John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman, and an album by Cannonball Adderley's brother Nat called Hummin' all for about 28 bucks.  John Coltrane plays on everyone of those album except Hummin'. I bought My Favorite Things yesterday and I haven't been able to stop thinking about how fucking good John Coltrane is. Also my new apartment is real conducive to playing jazz records. I don't have Ben coming in to my room asking me to play something "nice""anything but this dope smoking music""something you can dance to" etc, etc.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Ricky get on the Tequila train

Ricky get on the Tequila train. I got an email today inviting us to go to Tequila, Mexico for a 4 day educational visit. I'm in, Big Rick is in and now we need you in. Plane tickets are around 3 hundred and that is all you need to buy, except for a little food and beer in Mexico. The quote I got is about 5 hundred total trip. Also we might get a plane ticket kicked in bringing down the total cost.


Here is the view of Tequila from space.

                                                   What we will be doing in Tequila.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen I bring you Mikey Grande

Nice try, but not the real Grande

Nope just Ricky with his brother Frank

The Three Mustachios

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011

Camping with Danny

A narrative of camping with Danny: Danny lets go camping real soon.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Eric Clapton Invented Reggae?

Wait. What? Eric Clapton Invented Reggae! Well that is what this website : Eric Clapton, Inventor of Reggae says. Some of the shit people put up on the internet is awesome.

David R. (popshots75`), Thursday, 13 October 2005 03:43 (5 years ago)"

By the way that is not a true statement. Bob Marley in fact wrote I Shot the Sheriff.  Who would have known?

"Eric Clapton doesn't even play real reggae. Now, Sting-- he's the real deal.
"ROOOXXXANEEEE, you-a dont-a have-a to put on-a da red-a liiiight!!"
richard wood johnson, Thursday, 13 October 2005 15:52 (5 years ago)"
So Sting invented Reggae? I'm getting so confused.

But this is the way I feel about all of you:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Check your boys work out on Craigslist:

Panther Coffee Table

I'm grinding right now. Selling shit on Craigslist for people that don't know what craigslist is. You wish you thought of that? No you don't.  It is sucks, but hopefully someone buys this coffee table so I can pick everybody up in the party limo!

Monday, May 2, 2011

It is 62 and sunny!!!

San Francisco is 62 and sunny. Not really summertime, but everyone is acting like it is. Anyway, I got real hyped when this song came on the radio earlier.
It made up for how bummed out I was when I found a hypodermic needle in Little Wayne. Morgan stop leaving those in the car.

One last thing. FUCK SKINNY GIRL MARGARITAS!!!! Every person that has come into my store to buy skinny girl margaritas is the worst. It is this idiots product. I hate her!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

PMA Brothers!!!