Saturday, October 25, 2008

Macky D? where is macky d?

This is a duplicate post but hey enjoy....and 1969

oh this is amazing.....

watch this till you get to the light show, then tell me how much you hate it! just skip to 1:40 for those who cant wait

Skateboarding is so gay!

Skating to work today I realized something....... Skateboarding is gay, really fucking gay.
Why do you join a sport's team in high school? To become popular, go to party's, and of course to fuck sluts.
Why did you start to skate? To meet other dudes that like the same things as you. Gay.
What other sport takes fashion so seriously? Not a one.
How many times have you thought to yourself that dude looks fucking good? Yep that is gay. How many times you seen one of your friends dick? To many times to count.
How many of those dicks skate? Almost all of them. I think that is gay?
I could go on for days but I won't cause I'm already bored of this.... But really I will Rape the shit out of all of you, plus I will skull fuck you the first chance I get. Sweet dreams.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bus Guess!!!

Alright, The picture is a little dark, however, the options are. . .

He's wearing 18 pairs of sweatpants. . .


He's got elephantitis.

Bus Guess!!!

It's time, my friends, for another one of my favorite games. . . BUS GUESS!!! Now the rules are simple, I take pictures on the bus, and you have to guess the correct pick of my 2 suggestions of what is going on in the picture.

Alright, let's begin. . .

Man. . .



High Society

Laid Back..........

Sunday, October 19, 2008

San Francisco is Hell on Earth.

Today was the worst.......

I woke up next to a beautiful girl
We made fresh Hash Browns
Wait it gets worse

We washed it down with Kombucha
I then met Danny 

Danny and I met up with Ganja Will
We did what you would do with a guy named Ganja Will

After chasing the dragon
The three of us shredded the streets
I hate the streets almost as much as I hate shredding 

By this point I felt like a sodomized elderly man
What I mean is I was hungry

I went to my local grocer
I bought organic local vegetables and Fresh salmon
Atrocious garbage

Now I am Listening to Piper at the gates of Dawn
Psychedelic music gives me the shits
Brainless noise

I could go on but you might vomit
Do yourself a favor never come to San Francisco
Nothing but Queers and Junkies

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I was gonna choose 5 people. Then I was gonna choose 9 people. Both times Willy "Bluntz" Lee would have being on the list. If not on the top of the list. I have being hearing a lot of positive things about his love of Jah's greatest gift. It makes me proud.

Brendan, would not have being on any of the list's. I hear he is voting for McCain. No amount of weed can take that taste out of my mouth.

Rory "R2 420" Cocksworth you would have being on both lists. Your uncanny way of getting stoned and curling into a fetal position to watch the Star Wars Trilogy. Priceless. Miss Chloe told me.... your blunt smoking 40 drinking days of San Francisco will return to you when you hit 30. You can't wait, I can't wait, and the world can't wait.

The only person I could think to be deserving enough of this honor is Danny "Got my hand on my Bong cause you know i'm straight tripping" Johnson. Danny is plowing through weed. Imagine Danny is Pac Man and the little yellow dots represent Weed, a lot of weed, and the ghosts, well they represent Sobriety. So Danny is running around life trying not to get by caught by sobriety. But Danny is amazing he never gets caught. Danny I am very proud of you and everything you have accomplished in the weed smoking world.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Got to work today and to my surprise I had a little treat waiting for me..... NOS! This shit is crazy. If you like the effects of shooting Meth into your dick while smoking Methadone and being fucked in the ass by a gorilla this is your drink!
Then these three chicks showed up to my work and started pouring this down my throat. So tight, So light. Same Alcohol, Half the Calories, and All the Taste.
Then James challenged me to a Kickflip contest. Duh. I won. First try, Every Try.
Then after the kickflips were landed and the beer started flowing this Hot Tub party broke out. So awesome. Titty City. All and All a great day. Beer, Boobs, and Boards. Now I'm on my way to meet Ben, Danny, Matt, Brian, and Brendan at a house party.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Brendan Ashe's Blog Post List October!

Every Post title could double as a Snuff Film or a Teen Movie! Good Job Brendan! Neato!

10-15-08. BDE. Best Day Ever.

Woke up
Throw up Blood (not jokin)
Took a Few Bong Hits
Went back to sleep
Gordon woke me up
Got Breakfast with Gordon
Had a Reuben for Breakfast. Epic
Went to Gordon's Skateshop
Watched the Gonz's Secert part in Krooked Kronichles
Got Scratch off Tickets with Gordon
Went to Gordon's Apt
Both of us Lost money on Scratch off Tickets
Got a New Pair of Shoes
Went to KP's House
Watched Gordon pack for San Diego
Laid in KP's Bed. So Tight
Got High Again
Did Powerslide's down a Asphalt Mountain
Went to Jack in The Box with Gordon.
Got Fat
Read Transworld
Hit on 15 yr old latin girls. One was Pregnant
Went Home
Trimmed Pot
Made Keif
Named It Keif Richards
Got Stoned off Keif Richards
Went to 1361 Kansas
Met Danny and Ben at the Corner Store
Bought Colt 45
Got to 1361
Drank my Colt's
Smoked a Ciggypoo
Drank scotch
Smoked a Ciggypoo
Drank more Scotch
Smoked a Ciggypoo
Drank more and more Scotch
Watched Project Runway. Amazing
Got Danny Stoned
Drank More Scotch
Got Danny Stoned
Drank More Scotch
Told Danny I think he is Great
Skated Home. To Drunk 2 Walk
Got Naked as Africa
Went to Sleep
Thank you to everyone who made yesterday amazing. You know who you are.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

You're dangerous and foolish, Maverick, and that makes you dangerous!

Just a little idea I had while watching the VP debate. You can be my wingman anyday