Friday, May 20, 2011

Abernasty Prom


Bill said...

If you were wondering, Abernasty is the nickname of the street that Adam lives on in LA. When we were down for the Baby's wedding Ben and I started calling the group of people staying at the house the Abernasty Crew. So now I believe everyone is in Abernasty.

Peace and Love

alfa foxtrot said...

thanks billy. if you were wondering, i just right this minute noticed that the lady on the left of the photo at the top of your blog seems to be spitting up a little. so, now I believe she is Madame Abernasty.

peace and light

Bill said...

If you were wondering, Madame Abernasty is also holding a beer to her head. She runs a little warm this time of year. Also someone just told me February is the asshole of the year, I don't know what that means or why he told me.