Thursday, July 30, 2009

Barack Obama Naked!

"Sex Weed"

Light it up, light it up
Smoke it up, smoke it up
Exhale, exhale
Now let's sex to the cut

Girl, you got that sex weed
I just want to hit it all the time
Sex so good that it gets me high
Bring that home grown to me
Girl you got that fire weed
Light it up, let me take a puff
Of your sex weed

[Verse 1]
Is I'm tweekin (tweekin)
How did your sex make me feel this way
Like I've been smokin purple haze
Girl you got me blowed (gone)
Just one look at you I got contact
Can I get a pull of that
Girl your shit is the chronic
I can tell by the way you
Roll it up
Make a playa wanna smoke it up
Slow down for we choke it up
Sex give me the munchies
And I wanna eat it up oh
We can do a shotgun baby and
Take a sip of patrone baby
Now we off in a zone baby
Our boys gettin it on baby
Got be feelin hazy baby
Silly baby, horny baby, flyin baby


[Verse 2]
Girl its like a dime bag dro (dro)
The way you movin that cush real slow
Got me floatin like a butterfly
Im so high, I can touch the sky
I'm a bud head when it comes to you
Cant nobody drop it baby
bounce it baby, stroke it quite the
Way you do
You got me buzzin off that chiefin baby
Girl you about to explode my brain
Doin it in the coupe
While we on them thangs
Sex weed about to drive me insane
Baby hands down you got that bomb shit (shit)
Since that first pull
I got this habit
I cant seem to quit (quit)
Baby im about to go up in smoke
Cause your sex weed aint no joke
So girl go ahead and light that dope
Im about to smoke it down to a rouch


[Verse 3]
Can I get a hit of that baby
Girl I want your sex weed
All I want to do is get somewhere with you
And fire that shit up
And then smoke it baby
Girl just let me blaze it
Pass that ohwee to me
Girl im addicted to everything
That you do to me
Yor sex got me open baby
Let me hit that in the coupe (coupe)
Girl let me hit that in the jeep (jeep)
Girl let me hit that in the crib (crib)
Girl keep bringin me that heat (heat)


[Repeat until fade]

Michelle Obama Naked!

Sike! I am just trying to get more country's visiting my blog than Ben. But I for real I miss all of you. So I dedicate these songs to all of you.
I Wish - R. KellyListen to him sing "Come and Braid my hair!" it is at the end of the song and it melts my heart.

Wiley and Ben you sing this to me in my dreams so I don't get nightmares.
Happy People - R. Kelly

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bobby Womack

If you think your lonely now, wait until tonight. What do you think this song is really about? I think a surprise party of some sort. a birthday party or retirement party.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dear top of the world,

I will see you soon.

Blast from the past.

I was so rich at one point, I could pay chicks to pack bongs and smoke cigars.

Mikey Grande,

is wearing aqua green vans slip ons, a Virgin DE Guadalupe shirt tucked in to his camo shorts, plus he is wearing a skull and cross bone belt buckle. Epic!

Friday, July 24, 2009

We all wanna be Prince

Be like me

Listen to the Tune Yards.

I Just listened to a big tree from the eastern shore

Wye Oak. Mind Blowing, best thing I have heard from MD since that GP album.


Why do older women carry money in their bras? I don't want your titty money. But my favorite web site at the moment is TITTYCITY

Why is it...

That all vegetrians smoke cigarettes?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

So, I called Brendan the other day........

He picked up the phone and said..." Hey dude, can I call you back? I am taking a photo of a sunset." Honest truth. I can't make that shit up.
The man lives that shit.

Danny has the best Blog

Vernors Ginger Ale

Is aged for 3 years in Barrels. Does that mean it is really good or just old as hell?

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Brendan!

Well I can't say his full name but he is turning 31 light years today, if that gives anyone a hint to who I'm talking about, Happy Birthday Buddy.Love, Billy.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A legend is gone.

I have never known what it is like to lose a actual hero of mine, now I do and wish that I never knew this feeling. We have lost a Brother. Wiley thank you for posting those pictures that shit had to be tough. Buddy I love you, RIP.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yo, Morgan

I am gonna fuck you up at this Backgammon shit. I am a fucking pro. I was birthed by a Backgammon Pro. Look at her.She eats babies for breakfast.

Devon, I drank 1 million Beers for you.

Devon I heard about your fall, sorry son. In your honor I got black out drunk last night, ran out of Beer so I started drinking vermouth, gangsta. When I was done with that I fell asleep in some sour cream. Miss you, buddy. Ps I will see you at Rattler, I will feed you a Million beers. West coast Roadie becomes East coast Roadie. Plus it looks like I will be at the Rorython. Feel better soon son. For those of you who don't know Dev Child here is a look at the great man that is Devon.
Devon calls this move the LAZY DEV.

Devon seduced me with a keg. I woke up the next morning in the back of some black van.

Kevin please take photos again. Devon is killing it with white shoes.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Julie put down the blog and walk away.

Julie, what the fuck happened? One second your slamming whiskey like water, next thing I know your writing the best blog posts I have seen all year.
key points:

Tina turner is the Shit. This is true. Ike beat that girl up, but she kept on fighting. Now look at her. Sex Appeal at 83. Sorry Tina, 61.

Your right, a lot of people do have to work. I work. All of your friends work. Dolly Parton is a working girl, just like us. Awesome! I once took acid and went to work. It was a lot like that Dolly Parton video, amazing, you should try it.

"I dont give a shit you fucking Pussies" is this directed to Adam Green or just Pussies?

I'm really sorry. I think I started you on that rant. I didn't tell you that I didn't want to hear about your Job, I just said mine was awful in a different way, I also said that I was gonna blog about it but it just made me mad. But to make it up to you I found photos of dogs with the dogs sayin funny things. I hope you like it.


ps. I think it is really gross you let Ben make out with a girl in your house, just think of what kinda germs could come of a thing like that.

They happen to make a lot of these in Germany.