Friday, June 24, 2011

A clash of kings book 2 of 7

Adam I can't thank you enough for saying "I heard this is good" in that book store in LA. I do have to tell you that you heard wrong. It is better than good. It is fucking amazing.  I bought the first book at the end of April and I am about to finish the second book.  I read 2 books in between, just to read something different. I read them as fast as possible. I couldn't tell you shit about them or do I care to ever read them again. I am not saying that to show you how much I read or how fast I read.  I'm telling you that to show how this has taken over my thoughts. All I care about is finding out which main character will be killed off next. It is fucking nuts! It is like a mid evil soap opera, but better.

If you have seen the show on HBO or you are planning on watching it, don't do it. Read the books first. It is as if there was a book series for Lost before it became a show or The Wire before it became show. It puts the show to shame. Granted I one day will watch the show, but for now the books are to tight to put down. The whole time I have been writing this all I have thought about is how much I wanna finish the second book so I can start the third, but I have to make the precious last. The precious. I need the precious. 

Beware these books will fuck you up. I thought earlier today "maybe I would like to go to a Renaissance fair." I can tell you right now I don't want to go to a Renaissance fair there is nothing I hate more, but these books are fucking with my mind!

Peace and Light. I love you. I will be back soon from this far away land, I swear.


Adam said...

let's go to the renaissance fair and get swords

Bill said...

As you wish my lord.

UK said...

The first book in the series just blew me away! It's a long series and the second book so far is really creating a thick plot... Martin is truly the best of all the modern fantasy writers & one of the best ever!
I already have book #3 & #4 and i can't wait to buy book #5.