Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Is this wrong?

I don't know why, but I wonder how much sex gay men or women over the age of 40 have. Don't get me wrong they have had sex, of course, but there like your parents you just can't imagine it happening. Wiley, Adam, Ben, Rory, Gordon, Danny and you know who, lets still have sex with each other after we are 40.

Is that Gay?

Party house

2706 1/2Bryant st? 7206 1/2 Bryant street? 5206 1/2 Bryant st? I really have no Idea, but what i do know it is amazing! First off you got a dog named Pork chop, Patty Mayonnaise anyone? Then we got my Roommate Ethan, he never sleeps cause he is to busy being awesome in his lab, slamming tecate and making amazing videos. He just made this.This is right after my wine tasting Friday. Next up is Sandy she just got a Ice Luge. Sandy partys harder than anyone I know, when she wants to, of course she is a lady. Fuck Wit DaT. Last but not least Gordon aka Road Dogg 3.0, he made a new rule that Bob Seger has to be played when making and or eating Breakfast. What a fuckin Loc Dog.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Girls gone wild... Pride Weekend!

Yesterday was the gay pride parade.But the best part of the whole weekend was how many boobs I saw. I have never seen so many topless girls.This Dirty Slut.
It's a sexy scene out here.
Titty City
Dolores Park had boobs and its boobs had boobs This chick was trashed, she couldn't stand up. Easy access to that Butthole. But then some cop shut down the fun. He must hate boobs. The Cock Sucker.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

What the fuck?

Sometimes I miss New York, sometimes. A guy just came into my work wearing a shirt that said NYLKOORB. I commented that I thought his shirt was radd, he said thanks I bought it at Old Navy. What the fuck? Old Navy? NY is that fuckin awesome that people who have never even being to NY wear shirts that say Brooklyn. Adam I know you disagree but I sometimes wish I was still in NY. With you as my neighbor of course. I would love all of us to pitch in on a Burned out building in Brownsville wait 10 years and move there. I mean what would it cost us 500,000 thousand each? NBD. Lets do it.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

This looks nuts

The Girl who did Dig, just won a ton of awards for this. It looks crazy.

Friday, June 26, 2009


I woke today and I realized that I had a purpose for getting black out drunk last night, Michael! How is it that Michael is the first out the 9 Jackson children (to survive birth) to die. What the fuck, Tito? How could you let this happen? La toya you selfish Bitch. Janet who the fuck do you think you are? Jackie, Rebbie he was your younger Brother how could let this happen to him? Freddy, I love that you are my Lady song, so we are cool but Marlon, Randy, and Jermaine I am looking at you guys. Jermaine come on dude, we all know you were always Jelly of Michael's moves and his kid named blanket. The Jackson Family and God are to Blame.

But I would like to thank Wiley for posting the We are the World Video. Can we discuss how crazy it is that wasn't meant as a Joke. Bruce needs to calm the fuck down, he is scaring the kids in Africa with the faces he is making. Kenny Rodgers is that guy who wears the shirt of the band he is going to see that night, Who does that? Cindi Lauper, Gross. The head phones were crazy also, what the fuck were they listening to? But Bobby Dylan, Steve Perry, and Paul Simon made it all better. Steve Perry I said it. Have you ever thought how crazy it is that Rory looks like Steve Perry?
But I looked up who all was in the we are the world shit it is crazy.
Solos (in order of appearance)

* Lionel Richie
* Stevie Wonder
* Paul Simon
* Kenny Rogers
* James Ingram
* Tina Turner
* Billy Joel
* Michael Jackson
* Diana Ross
* Dionne Warwick
* Willie Nelson
* Al Jarreau
* Bruce Springsteen
* Kenny Loggins
* Steve Perry
* Daryl Hall
* Huey Lewis
* Cyndi Lauper
* Kim Carnes
* Bob Dylan
* Ray Charles

[edit] Extras

* Dan Aykroyd
* Harry Belafonte
* Lindsey Buckingham
* The News
* Sheila E.
* Bob Geldof
* Jackie Jackson
* LaToya Jackson
* Marlon Jackson

* Randy Jackson
* Tito Jackson
* Waylon Jennings
* Bette Midler
* John Oates
* Jeffrey Osborne
* The Pointer Sisters
* Smokey Robinson

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson is Dead!

Michael Jackson is Dead. Bullshit.

Danny's New Album

"Get Up"

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby Making Music

It is so good. Kells is all over this album and he is amazing. Ron Isley is great as Mr. Biggs. Listen to this album and Make babies.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Harrison Hemingway Hendricks

Listening to All Things must pass while reading A farewell to arms and drinking a Hendricks Martini.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

no bull shit

Best song out!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My hair is hecka long, yo!

Fuck, Fuck, Fuck! I need some help with picking out what I should do with my hair. Please by a show of hands or a secret write in vote tell me which one of our friends style I should steal.

First off we have Ben. I love Ben's hair when it grows long. It might be a little longer than I like it to be in this photo.
Now we have Zach Lyons, Zach has being known to wear hair extensions. He took them out for this Organika photo. I like it but it might be tad bit gay for San Francisco, if you know what I mean. Wink, Wink,nudge, nudge.

Next up is Danny. I don't want to look like Danny. No offense Julie it is just that Danny has not looked the same since he ate that Pot Brownie.

Now we are getting down to the meat of the order. Up next we have big sexy Laufman. Girls you know him as Wiley, we know him as Wilmer the Wiener. He is a stud, plus his hair looks Zach Morris good.
Up next is Margarita King Sheridan. What more can I say? This dude could tell me that he owns a whole block of houses in DC and I would believe him with a haircut like that.
Here is Matt Lowe.
Last but definitely not least Camron "Lions Dick" Lyons! You ladies remember him as Mystery from the show the pick up artist. Camron the Barbarian has being slaying chicks with his locks of hair for many years. Don't worry he doesn't check ID's.

I'm Sick, boo hoo.

Some people don't like being sick, they are crazy. Being sick is awesome! I am shedding pounds, Ben brought me soup, and I watched ten million movies. Fucking awesome!

In other news I love the Tender Loin. I fucking love it. I mean I like it at 9 am when I can see everyone, not at 3 am when I am drunk and alone. That sucks. But do you remember when the Tender Loin punched Ben in the face?

Last night I went to see the Hang Over. I saw a fucking Coyote on the way to the movie. A coyote in the city? That is just crazy, but true. Not to ruin the ending of the movie, but it was pretty funny. Afterward Morgan and Myself had pizza. I had a glass of Chianti and she a glass of Argentine Malbec. I love her.

JULIE! I love you. Come be sick with me.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adam go to youtube

Search I Wish, R kelly
Watch it
Realize Kells is Crazy
Love it
Realize he does Capella "braid my hair" to end the song
Call me
Thank me
No Problem,
Love you

go back to You tube
R kelly When a Woman's fed up
Cause the production of it is brillant
the hook is the best part

Number one reason to move to San Francisco?

98.1 Kiss Fm.
8pm - 10 pm
"between the sheets"

They play amazing songs like this....


Why do I keep my mind on you all the time
And I don´t even know you
Why do I feel this way
Thinking about you every day
And I don´t even know you
Take me in your arms
Thrill me with all of your charms
And I´ll take to the sky on a natural high
Loving you more till the day I die
Take to the sky on a natural high
Loving you more.

If you have anything to do
Call me and I will do it for you
And I don´t even know you
If I had only one wish to give
That wish would be for you to live forever and ever.

When I see you on the street
My heart skips a beat
And I´ll take to the sky on a natural high
Loving you more till the day I die
Take to the sky on a natural high
Loving you more.

BTW they don't play Andrew W.k. cause he is pretty awful.
I Agree with Adam on this. I know how to party. I don't need songs to remind me, but on the other hand some times I need a good soul song to remind me how to love again. Like when Wiley gets mad and is ready to leave so I turn the lights low, do my best Barry White and put on "Oh Girl". He stays.

The Chi-Lites - Oh Girl

Oh, girl
I’d be in trouble if you left me now
‘Cause I don’t know where to look for love
I just don’t know how

Oh, girl
How I depend on you
To give me love when I need it
Right on time you would always be

All my friends call me a fool
They say, “Let the woman take care of you?
So I try to be hip and think like the crowd
But even the crowd can’t help me now, oh...oh...oh...oh...oh...oh...

Oh, girl
Tell me what am I gonna do
I know I’ve got a guilty face
Girl, I feel so out of place, oh, yeah...yeah...
Don’t know where to go, who to see, yeah

Oh, girl
I guess I better go
I can save myself a lot of useless tears
Girl, I’ve gotta get away from here

Oh, girl
Pain will double if you leave me now
‘Cause I don’t know where to look for love
And I don’t, I don’t know how

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Dude. Dude! Dude!!!!! This fucking dawg is tripping. This little mother fucker is gonna be in the DVZ.This is the only photo on the internet from Annie's birthday party. Look at all that fucking junk food. If it wasn't for all that cocaine you guys would be fat as fuck.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Annie is fucking Old!

How old is she? Only the Sun and Moon know the answer to that Question. I guess somewhere in the Teens. 13,000,026 years old is my guess. But the first person to guess within a Hundred thousand years wins this photo of Annie, signed by Annie.Annie, we all love you as much as we hate your blog, an amazing amount. Happy Birthday, Annie.

Silly Gays!

Everywhere I look i see signs saying "No on Prop 8" or "Yes on Prop 8", Who cares? Let them marry already. It will do some good to have a curfew. But no one is seeing the real issue, Rainbows. Yes, Rainbows. I said it. Is it not a crime that Rainbows are now Gay? Really Gay! Is it not a shame that I can not sit in the Park with my favorite flag waving in the summer breeze, while sucking back a couple of Zima's? If I do I am called gay and told to move to the back of the park. I will not stand for this any longer!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I was on the TV.

I was on the news, but guess what? They didn't blur out my private parts, this time.
I came into work and News lady was all "Hey Big sexy with the glasses, I wanna film you." I was like "cool, but don't get to close"


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Is this Lame?

So, I need some Conformation that this isn't gonna suck.I can't make this link work, but it is the link to the movie my old roomate is doing. /

she wants me to play a two bit pimp. Is that Lame?

jk about the pimp part

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Great news!

I am hungover. It is awesome! I feel awful, but in 6 hours I will fly to the city of brotherly love, Hollywood. Adam will be picking me up in his Stretch Geo Metro with a trunk full of Potatoes. Enough about my awesome life, for now.

Congrats to Danny for stealing away Julie from Sterling 4 years ago. But really guys don't you think it's time to cut this shit already? I am just saying, four years, I think Sterling gets it already, you win Danny. Anyways this is a photo I took of Danny and Julie after they went to the Van Ness Hot Tubs.

According to Annie's blog, Wiley and her are going through hard times, Annie has being seen around town with a Guy a little closer to her age. Here is a photo of Annie and this asshole.

Don't worry Wiley, I'm here for you when you fall. By the way little buddy, I am growing my hair real long so we can Braid each others hair and stuff. I thought I was being chased by a dog, it turns out that it was just my hair. Real Scary stuff.

In other news I had sushi with Morgan. I love her.