Monday, May 16, 2011

Ricky get on the Tequila train

Ricky get on the Tequila train. I got an email today inviting us to go to Tequila, Mexico for a 4 day educational visit. I'm in, Big Rick is in and now we need you in. Plane tickets are around 3 hundred and that is all you need to buy, except for a little food and beer in Mexico. The quote I got is about 5 hundred total trip. Also we might get a plane ticket kicked in bringing down the total cost.


Here is the view of Tequila from space.

                                                   What we will be doing in Tequila.


Morgsian said...

I've never thanked god before with any kind of sincerity, but I actually said the words "Thank God" out loud, to myself (or god i guess!) when i clicked that link "what we will be doing in Tequila" and it WASN'T something terrible.

Bill said...

It is a educational trip!!! Just because tequila is involved doesn't mean that strippers and cocaine will follow, but thank god for strippers and cocaine.

James said...

Goddamn, that would be so fucking tight!