Friday, January 23, 2009

Funk It!

While listening to the Brothers Johnson on Imeem, I realized that they made more than a few songs with Funk in the title like
Funk it.
Aint we Funkin now
Get the Funk out ma Face
but I thought I would write couple of my own...
Funk You and your Mama to. Dilla Remix
I Funked you now I have AIDS. You Bitch how could you Funking do this to me.
Get the Funk out my house before I call the Funking cops. Part 1
I don't give a Funk if you are the Funking cops get the Funk out of my House
Sorry Baby I Funked your Sister
No Funking Way!
FUNK YOU! R Kelly Remix
Motha Funk the police! Feat. The Game
I Believe I can Funk. R Kelly Remix
All Funked up on you

Devon is the new Obama

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My new best friend,,,,,,

Annie, Wiley, and Adam came to "The City", it was great to see Wiley and Adam, but the best part was getting closer to Annie. This girl is amazing! She gets fucking black out drunk day and night, She is Perma DVZ, and Morgan likes her. She is basically Wiley with a vagina, but anyway I wanted to share some photos of my new best friend......
This is Annie at the beach chilling
This is Annie making friends

Annie got some sick tats and she loves weed
Annie I love you