Friday, June 10, 2011

Eye Hell

I just got back from eye hell. Every time I go to the eye doctor I feel like they are just fucking with me. This time was no different. They dilated my eyes and shined bright lights on my eyes. Which just hurts, a lot. I wanted to say "hey asshole if I wasn't blind before I walked in here, I am now." This Nazi torture camp shit went on for an hour while matchbox 20 was blasting over the radio. My eyes look like i have been doing cocaine since yesterday morning.
 The only good thing they did was give me these sick Terminator shades!! Fuck you eye doctors, we are not friends!!

1 comment:

Chris Yarrison said...

I recently went to the doctor where they drained all my blood and did something horrible inside my penis. I might have some news for you soon, Billy - at least an explanation for your early onset blindness!