Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I had a dream last night, I sang this song to you, you were eating pudding and wearing tighty whiteys they where pink.You are a butterfly!

All Blogs go to Heaven

But not this one! I am doing a wine tasting Saturday, I just got a free bottle of wine as incentive to put a certain bottle in the tasting, nbd. Ok, so this won't make any sense but try to follow me, I am listening to Brian Jonestown Massacre, which made me remember Brian Austin Green's rap album he had after Saved by the Bell or Melrose place, which is where Adam lives, but It doesn't matter what show he was on, all that matters is that he is one of handful of a great white rappers. But the greatest White rapper of all time is Snow! Hands down he will bring the house down. So I bring you the "informer" he will "lick your boom boom down" or whatever that means Oh and this shit right here is so tight! Jim Carrey imposter the Snow spoof on in living color. Watch this!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Still got it on that Fat Tip!

An Excerpt from Miss Julie's Blog....

"today was lyric's birthday party"

but if u were there you would have thought it was billy's because this is how many things he ate:

1. rib
2. sausage
3. rib
4. rib
5. hamburger
6. hamburger
7. rib
8. cheese squares
9. sun chips
10. popcorn
11. tootsie roll
12. tootsie roll
13. pbr
14. tootsie roll
15. rib
16. cake

he really did eat all of these.

Who the fuck do I think I am?

It's Monday, I am working 9am to 10pm, I'm finishing reading The Trial by Kafka, I have On The Road with me for when I finish the Trial, but I just bought Love in the Time of Cholera for two bucks, So I think I will read that instead since I have already read On the Road a few times, now I ask you, Who the fuck do I think I am? Where do I get off? I fucking hate people like me. What a pretentious little prick you say. I need to go shut gun a beer and punch myself in the dick or on second thought, I might just finish the trial and read Love in the time of Cholera.

Oh Rory, I have a new game to play. You need a public bathroom that locks from the inside. So you leave the door unlocked and you pull your pants to your ankles so you look like a 3 year old taking a piss, you wait for the first person to walk in on you, when they do you scream like you are being raped, then when you walk out of the bathroom you Stare them down like the creeps they are!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Annie Fuck Off!

Annie Still Knows How to Party!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I wrote this song about you. No joke. I love you, girl.In other news, that doesn't have to do with Freddy Jackson, I saw Danny play a show last night, Holy shit Danny is so good! Granted he is not a member of the Jackson family, but dude is so good. DUDE!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My 4:20 SUCKED! How was your's, Brendan?

My 4:20 really sucked this year. First I couldn't get my tooth pulled cause my mouth was to infected to work on it, Harshing my mellow man, I thought I would pass out from the pain numerous times, Bummer, then the worst thing of all happened, I broke my bong!

Marylin Chambers was a great bong, She was a Solider and down to fuck up a fool. She will be missed but not forgotten. NEVER FUCKING FORGET!