Monday, October 3, 2011

How many rhum punches did it take to make this photo?

Dorrie doesn't know where she is or she has never been happier, either way she looks amazing! Ghost Annie is killing it, drinking a bud lite and smoking a cigar. Brooks looks like she is holding it together, but I am gonna guess by her dirty disgusting feet that she is real drunk. Molly of course can do no wrong, she always was the nicest one.

Thank you Annie, for giving me yet another reason to love Dorrie. There are only two things that could make this photo any better #1 if I was looking at while I sat on the porch in Cape May #2 if I was sitting on the porch in cape may looking at this photo, eating soup with CJ's Grandma and touching her soft cloud like hair. "Ooo Grigs"

I fucking love cape may. Lets move to cape may and waste away.

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