Saturday, October 17, 2009

This is why he wins the Geno

Remy L.

Los Angeles, CA
5 star rating

I love the Jug Shop for it's excellent selection and knowledgeable staff.

I came in a week ago with the casual desire of getting a bottle or two for a dinner party I was hosting. I asked one of the employees for help and I am very glad I did. The employee's name was Billy and he was very courteous in working through exactly what kind of wine I was looking for and how much I was interested in spending.

To put a long story short, both of the bottles he recommended were a huge hit at the party.

Thanks Jug Shop & thanks Billy, you've got a customer for life!


Adam said...

luv you

Ted said...

Man, Adam always throws the best fancy dinner parties.

Adam said...

before the Jug Shop, I was known as "Mr. Bad Wine"