Sunday, October 11, 2009

I hate everything

working sunday mornings is the worst


Wiley said...

look on the bright're seizing the day! open the gates and seize the day brudda!!!

get your coffee and a paper, take a deep breath, and enjoy the partly cloudy and high of 66 degree weather!

at least you don't have to study for an environmental law exam. life is good, namean?!

Wiley said...

put this way you can hate everything when you're listening to this.

then, when that's over, play this...

put a for in you, you're done!

Wiley said...

a fork in you...put a fork in you.

ben said...

wiley. oh my god. oh my god. I just saw Billy, there's a...there's a....there's a FUCKING FORK IN HIM BECAUSE HE IS FUCKING DONE!

Billy said...

Sunday New York Times $6.00

Cup of Coffee with one shot x presso $2.25

Stainless Steel Fork $2.99

Sastification of Knowing your Done