Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ladies and Gentleman, Mikey Grande

Very rarely does a man of this caliber allow someone to take photos of him.
When Grande is in the room it has to be a party, but whatever you do, don't fake the funk.

And when you ride the muni with him, it turns into the magic school bus when he busts out the brandy bum shots!

One bum shot and that fucking bus turns into space mountain.

The only requirements for this ride are A. you must grow a mustache B. you must love cheap brandy C. You must Drink till you fall backwards D. You must Knock a hole in it


Matt said...

Bum Shots? I bet you did.

JIMMIE said...

Oh My GOD, This is like a wet dream! True drinkers of the Easy Jesus know that VSOP is like the VIP for the dedicated drinker. What the fuck other drink pares so well with a hi-class soda like Ginger Ale!