Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Devendra Banhart's new album

I just listened to it, I think it is really good.

Dear Devendra,

I am sorry I was dick to Natalie, but you know how I get, I hate rich white people, plus you knew she had it coming, you broke up with her when you heard I was rude to her, thanks but no thanks. You two were cute together.

Love Billy

Ps, While listening to your album for a second time in a row, I was told that I look like Gary Oldman

I think that is pretty radd, they over looked your music and only saw my good looks. Sorry, but better luck next album.

Pss, I still think it is really good. Thanks again.


James said...

Were you wearing your tophat when they told you you looked like Gary?(that's right, we're on a first name basis) because when I think of You and Gary I think of this www.mrrl.org/blogs/wordpress/readerseye/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/drexl1.jpg

Adam said...

Gary Oldman has a new album out!?