Sunday, October 18, 2009

John Steinbeck's The Pearl

I payed 25 cents for this book, it was fucking awesome. Steinbeck is a mans man, yet he has a real compassion for the people that were here first, but he will smack a bitch. One thing I really liked was the theme of music runs throughout the book. The music of Family, The music of Evil, The music of the pearl, and so on, all inside the head of the main character, it reminded me of chief in One flew over the cuckoo's nest.

Now I am gonna read Mother Night. Vonnegut, you cock sucker, this book better have something going on in it. Before everyone gets offended and says I'm a asshole and who am i to say he is a boring writer, just let me state my point, Slaughter house Five was fucking amazing and cats cradle was awesome, but the buck stops there, Breakfast of Champions was disappointing, admit it, Blue Beard was okay, and thank you mr. Rosewater was aight. All I am saying is Cat's Cradle and Slaughter House were so good there has to be other works close to that good, I just don't want to wade through a sea of shit to find them.

Sorry to anyone who had to read that, I really don't like reading or learning, I am a party animal who thinks Nerds suck and they should be stuck in lockers, be given wedgies and made to feel as insecure as I do.