Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bearataur, a collaboration of everything that is awesome.

I have a idea, does everyone remember how much fun getting drunk at Camron's house was? We would make music, we would make collages, we painted dicks on the wall, and Zach threw crackers.
I might be blending eras, but fuck it I want a coast to coast Collaboration, Danny and I are working on ideas for a film, well to be honest Danny told me to come up with a idea and he would make it. Well I want to take it one step further, I want everyone in on this, We can film it all over the country on different cameras and make one epic saga. It will be amazing!

Here is how I want it to start:
I meet Elvis in a Tuscon hotel, He tricks me into taking his place in "heaven" so he can have my spot in hell.

Elvis would have gone to Hell, but god is a real big Elvis fan, so Elvis is stuck in Heaven a prisoner of some awful tyrant. See heaven isn't all that awesome, all the best party's are in hell, Elvis wants to party, so he tricks me.

So all of this could be complete bull shit, but I would like people to expand upon this idea and then we all can expand upon those Ideas and so on. I want it to be loosely based on Bob Dylan seeing god in a Arizona motel, Dantes inferno, Goethe Faust, the 1919 world series, The Hills, East bound and Down, Astral weeks, and cheech and chongs up in smoke.

If you don't get it, or you just wanna be a Hater, go right ahead, but when those royalty checks come in the mail, see who's hating then.

This is open to EVERYONE! I really need Chris's thoughts and Wiley's thoughts, Ben I of course need you in on this, Rory duh, anyone in 29 please contribute, if you think I'm joking, Fuck you.

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Billy said...

Well that Idea went no where