Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What I need........

!.A new Phone, I lost my phone at the Rattler show

2.A new weed pipe, I lost that at the Rattler show

3.A new weed bag, I smoked that at the Rattler show

These are just a couple of hints for what I might want for Christmas or any Jewish Holiday in which gifts are handed out.

Adam, what do you think of New Years Eve in Mexico? Could you pull that off?

Also, If your down I would go to that Hotel pool we love so much.

Sorry to put this out in public, but I am without a phone and I don't want to be in San Francisco for New Years. So let me know.


Adam said...

I'm not sure about Mexico, that seems a bit too much for me

Billy said...

How about the Ritz swimming pool or Camping?

Adam said...

I can't do it my man, I would fucking love to go camping or swim in pools though.

My parents are going to be in town for New Years, I gotta hang out with them.

Billy said...

My Wittle baby has to hang out with his wittle famlee. That's cool, maybe I will get Morgan to take me somewhere nice.