Saturday, November 28, 2009

Timothy Hutton

I was just told I look like Timothy Hutton. I wanna start a blog called "Hey, I'm not that Guy", it will just be a list of Celebs that people say I look like.

For starters

Anthony Perkins

 I can dig this, we have a resemblance

John Lennon

I get it, Long hair and Glasses. Very clever.

Gary Oldman

I guess?

This guy. I know I like cookies, but everyone likes cookies.

What is up? Why do people feel the need to tell me this shit?


Adam said...

I wish people could figure this one out.

I'm gonna spell it clearly right here, right now.

No One Ever Wants To Know Who You Think They Look Like.

It doesn't matter if they say you look like Michael Moore or Brad Pitt, it's fucking annoying and bad conversation.

Next time someone says, "You wanna know who you look like?!"

Say, "No." and walk away

Wiley said...

unless it's crazy and worth noting...
here and here

Adam said...

Here are two pictures of Wiley:

here and here

Adam said...

by the way, I think I figured out the difference.

It's always fun for other people to talk about that, but never fun for the person who is supposed to look like someone else, hence the bad conversation.

We talk about how Matt Taibi looks like the Killer Croc from Batman (thanks Ben!) all day long, but I'm sure Matt Taibi would be pretty annoyed if we brought it up to him at a party.

Wiley said...

very good. very very good adam.
here's one last one of adam with his girls

Kevtron said...
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Kevtron said...

I think saying someone looks like a cartoon mutant super-villain is mean spirited. Saying that someone bears a resemblance to a celebrity is merely annoying...

For example, I've been told by people that I look like Michael Ian Black. I dunno, I guess I can see the resemblance. He's not a mutant, so I don't find it insulting.

Adam makes a good point. You could just as easily say something like

"Hey, doesn't the Cookie Monster look just like Bill Rosser from children's television?"

Yeah, it's trivial, it's boring. But I can also imagine things far less interesting to talk about...