Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I know this is early,

But here is my top 5 list of 2009

5. Adam and I Betting on Children falling/Pelicans diving
4. Adam and I Swimming in pools of hotels we weren't staying at
3. Danny and I Camping
2. Adam making the joke about Annie hiding in sticks, making it hard for Wiley to kiss her
1. Wiley making the joke about Annie being a Hideous monster that he has to kiss


James said...

What about Mikey's story about the ham?

Billy said...

That would for sure make the real top 5, this is just a shitty attempt at a bad joke.

Adam said...

I think it's a great attempt at a great joke.

Danny said...

im thinking yootoob is craze right now man

Ted said...

Yo I don't know what "children falling/pelicans diving" means but that is hella poetic.