Monday, November 2, 2009

Dirty Projectors

I went to the show last night not knowing what to expect, I left not knowing what I had just witnessed.

It was amazing, it made me realize I needed a I Pod. I feel if I had the time to listen to the album a little more extensively, I would have been ready for the show, but I do agree with Adam that the surprise level of the show was intoxicating.

The Dirty Projectors just brought me back to the 21st century. Thank you Dirty Projectors, you just cost me $142.09 at the Apple store online.

This song Blew my mind.........
Morgan, not to tell you what I think you might like and not to tell you what you should like, but I think you should and might like this song. I know it melted me down to the core of my R&B soul. Wiley, I think you blogged this before, I listened to it at work, which is why it probably didn't move me the way it did last night, another reason to drop dollars on a I pod.

The Keyboardist/guitarist/bassist/singer/Angel/indie beauty is amazing I am listening to Mind Raft right now which is her solo EP, it is Beautiful.

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James said...

Reasons why this video is awesome, a list:
A. Hi-def
2. Chicks wearing hammer pants
3. Nick Stahl making out with an alpaca
D. Running with a pack of wolves (even if they're on leashes, still tight)