Monday, May 17, 2010

WIley you're right

I'm so sorry Brendan and Rachel, sorry for the late post, but congratulations!!! Your baby is sooooooooooo fucking cute. Really, I'm not joking, I didn't know babies could open their eyes and be that adorable at two days old. Which brings up what I really want to talk about: Billy Rosser's guide to Parenting........

1. As with anything, Fashion over Function.
Your baby is a Fashion statement, make that baby look good. A couple things to think about in baby fashion are: Does my baby smoke? Is my Baby a bad ass baby or a lame non fun baby? Does my baby want Tattoos or Piercings?

2. Money
Babies are expensive, but they are also valuable. Don't sell that baby to the first person that offers you $20 and a ride to the border. Make baby, make money! Modeling, Acting, Running Numbers, etc, etc, etc.

3.Build the Baby's Tolerance to drugs and alcohol.
Remember no one wants to be a stay-at-home parent, so take that baby to the bar!!!!


mikapepe said...

daddy likey

b rendan said...

ah yeaaahhha.... thanks man! you fucking rule and i am going to follow your rules without question or caution!@#? come to 29 to meet him!