Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Drunk People

It is 10:00 am, I have helped 5 people in my store, 4 of them have been drinking for hours!!!! The last guy that came in was flying fucking high, This is our Conversation........

Me: Whaaaaat Up?
Drunk Dude: How much for the 40
(see what a classy joint I work at? We only have one type of 40. MGD and it isn't even malt liqour.)
Me: 2.99
D D: You COOL?
Me: Yeah, why whats up?
D D: I'm trying to get right..... (I of course think this means he is trying to fuck, so I just nod and look Irie)....
D D: Where is the closest bus back to the Mission?
Me: the 49 is a block that way
D D: I have been drinking all day, but I sobered up. (it's 10:00 in the fucking morning)
Me:  Tight
D D: Yeah, I saw this sexy ass squirrel.
he  laughs like a little girl and leaves.
 WTF, is this a missed connection?

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