Monday, December 21, 2009

Life Changes

Danny your right we need to get COCK DIESEL! I did a litte research on "How to get COCKDIESEL."  This is what I found....

Defention of COCK DIESEL adj. COCK DIESEL means, extremely muscular, ripped, muscles that are well defined, buff, big, strong. Example Arnold Schwarzenegger is COCK DIESEL, The Incredible Hulk is COCK DIESEL, Superman is COCK DIESEL, Rambo is COCK DIESEL, King Kong is COCK DIESEL, Body Builders are COCK DIESEL.

Once we get COCK DIESEL our girls got to get COCK DIESEL to match.

Danny and his girl "TITTY MAG" Boddoroff

This is my girl "POOKIE" Peirce and I at Ruby Skyy

What COCK DIESEL dude is complete without a COCK DIESEL dawg?

KING DIESEL will protect us when I turn Brian's room into a Pot Club. Well if anyone needs me I will be at the gym doing reps.

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