Saturday, December 5, 2009

1361 Kansas St.

Dear Danny, Julie, Ben and Brian,

                 Get ready, February 1st your little house is gonna become our home, cause mama I'm coming home! Gordon said it's all good with me moving out. For the third time in 2 years I will be living at 1361 Kansas, this time permeant steez!

                         your new/old roomate Bill


Julie, we are gonna cook up a fucking storm, we are gonna dance like no one is watching, and we are gonna have the thickest roll of TP ever!

Ben, we are gonna watch the wire, jerk each other off, read books, Jerk each other off, drink whishkey and Jerk each other off!

Danny,  we are gonna gamble, play naked leap frog, eat pizza, play naked twister and do 420 things when we get stoned

I want nothing but Stone Temple Pilots played in the house

I love you guys, I can't wait to be your roomate again!


a citizen of swampasscity said...

Wait, what happens to me?

ben said...

I love that you only used only acoustic Stone Temple Pilots songs

TED DONSON said...

STP is the new RHCP!

Chris Yarrison said...

My roommates and I are pretty into NIN right now. You guys should check them out.