Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Dirty South

I'm riding dirty down here in So Car (South Carolina). So Car so good. The last time my family got together there was 2 fist fights, a dozen screaming matches and alot of disowning from the family. Not this year! This year my brother brought Corn Hole. Corn Hole allows any southern family to get together, drink a million beers and call each other assholes. I'm not joking look how happy my family is:

The other great thing is the animals. My mother has 12 dogs. DVZ motherfuckers! All day everyday! Wait your not a dog person? There is a pig, 7 cats, 4 birds, and an abudance of wild live. Oh you don't like animals? Well we got a pool. Check out this photo of me in my favorite pool toy.

Jealous? Yeah I thought so. It is club med out in this bitch! You can find me in the pool with a bud tight and my starfighter. See ya later Idiots!

1 comment:

Morgsian said...

You're a really good writer when you're maxin' poolside. Or when you haven't had access to weed in four days. One or the other!