Monday, March 21, 2011

Basketball. Betting. Beers. DFD.

Work is sooo fucking awesome right now! For the last 3 weeks all we have done is watch basketball and bet.

So fucking tight! I have been killing the game. Watched 40 hours of basketball last week. Worked 40 hours last week. You do the math. 

Last night Ricky won 200 bucks on a 2 dollar bet. 

So today we split a 6 dollar bet to win $5,607. DFD!

When we win I am going to throw the money in the air. 
But what I really don't like is everyone coming in and telling me who the president picked. 

Who gives a shit? It is not because I think he is a idiot, we picked the same team. It is the idea that picking brackets makes him normal or just another "guy." Boring.

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Leather Bags said...

Playing basketball all day would be awesome!