Sunday, April 25, 2010


 I worked for Julie today, doing man shit. I Got paid $$$$$ and found out her bitch ass company is throwing away perfectly good pizza!!!! This is Bullshit!!! I know half of you out there don't eat cheese and or meat, but this is pizza, at one time or another you motherfuckers loved pizza. They had, this is no joke, 10 full boxes of Pizza. Julie actually said to me  "Help yourself, they are just gonna be thrown out on Monday." So I will eating pizza for every meal for the next week. I can't watch perfectly good pizza be thrown in the fucking trash. Goddamnit Julie, I will not be a slave to your company's madness, they need to stop this. Don't they know there are starving children in Africa? That is why i am asking your company to adopt my No Pizza Left Behind plan, send the pizza to the people.

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Larry Rosser said...

Julie, I'm just kidding. You know I love you. Thanks again for letting me work for you. The real reason I did this post was to re post that pic of you. You look like Dionne Warwick and Tony Montoya's love child. Love you