Monday, April 5, 2010


 Cody was born on this day in 1984. My mother almost gave him up for adoption, she wanted another girl, but the doctor declined.  Cody would never forget this. Cody at the age of 15 made a bong so tall you had to stand on a roof and have a friend light it to smoke it.  When my mother found it, he told her he was making a maze for his hamster, she believed him, he did not own a hamster at the time. Cody retired from smoking weed professionally at the age of 20, his comment at the time was "look, I have done everything I can to advance pot smoking, it is time I  pass the bong." He never looked back. Cody to this day is my pot smoking Idol.  I once saw him attempt to smoke a pound of swag in a night, he came really close. I love you brudda, Happy Birthday!!!

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Larry Rosser said...

CODY, CODY, CODY!!! Go slam beers with Cody, he works at Castle Bay.