Sunday, March 7, 2010


March Madness is all that I am gonna blog about for a little while. That said, I know not everyone likes sports and stuff like this can be intimidating, but this is different. The NCAA tournament is pretty easy to pick up. The first year we played Jen Luczak won and she only picked colleges in towns she liked, Memphis won that year. Annie if you play I am sure that you will either win or come very close to winning, so you are excluded. To everyone else don't miss out while all of your friends gamble and have fun. @d@m f was on the fence about it, but now he is super down. Gotimer is in. M Peirce is in. Feldman is in. Lyons is in. Sablone is in. Boddroff  is in. Greenback is in. Luczak is in. Nelson is in. Vaselenko is in.
So that leaves Chris, Wiley, Annie, Sterling, Rory, Riley, Devin, Neal, Peter, Kevintron. The countdown to the bracket selection will happen in 7 days, 2 hours, 18 minutes and 15 seconds so you still have time to study up, watch the league championships and talk shit.

last year's winning bracket, just to give you a idea of how it works.
Btw.... people going to Austin this shit is gonna be getting good when we get to Texas, so as a side note to the awesome time we will be having watching awesome bands and drinking beers, we have friendly wagers on games. Call me or Camron


Wiley said...

i'm in

Larry Rosser said...

I feel like i just won something awesome, this is really the best news. I love you.