Tuesday, February 23, 2010

quotes from the underground aka the e block of kansas st

Danny quote "people talking about gangsta rap, but I'm living it"
Billy quote "this place has a shower?"
Julie quote  after a long day of work "I'm so tired"
Ben quote "I think Julie sleeps to much"
Danny quote "Nah Son"
Billy quote "i think we drink to much
Danny quote "Nah son"
Billy quote "I think we could drink this"
Ben quote  "Julie sounds like this......., Billy sounds like this........, Danny sounds like this........."
Julie quote "Billy have you seen how pretty the Bathroom is?"
Ben quote "Julie only tells me about how pretty things are"
Billy quote "this place has a Bathroom?"
Danny quote "if you can't run with the big dawgs,  keep that ass on the porch"
Danny quote "BILL, you can't eat that much butter your gonna Peace out."
Danny quote "Couple of Drops"

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