Thursday, February 4, 2010

My castle on the Hill

As many of you may know I recently moved in with Danny and Julie. It is very nice and I really like them.  Julie cooks, she cleans and laughs at my jokes. Danny always has kind words to say, he keeps the house full of exotic aromas and he loves to party. I can only think of one problem, we have a rat in the house. The rat drinks all my wine, smokes all my weed, smokes all my cigs, leaves its rat hair everywhere, it only listens to ratt,  it eats my food and shits on my floor.  It is a hideous monster and I wish it would leave me alone.


Wiley said...

oh my god. is it pauly d?

Harry Crosby said...

Oh fuck I wish it was Pauly D, but Pauly D is no rat.

Chet Murphstache said...

Yeah, it's gotta be Snookie