Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Best Things

Favorite shredder right now:

Captain Jimmy Nelson. I googled searched Jimmie and this is what came up:

Every time I see Jimmy he is skating and every time, he does something that reminds me why skating is the best thing in the world. Jimmie!!!!!!!!

Favorite Bar:

Table Bar. Hottest Bar in San Francisco. Located right outside of my kitchen. Real Exclusive. It only sits about 5 at a time, but it is always a good time at Table Bar.  It was founded late night style by Rory and me. Since it opened it has been popping off nearly every night.

Favorite Bromance:

Last night Danny and I went on a Bromantic date to the bowling alley.

Game 1: Billy 155 Danny 177
Game 2: Billy 147 Danny 130
Game 3: Billy 137 Danny 130
Game 4: Billy 179 Danny131
Game 5: Billy 146 Danny **
Game 6: Billy 150 Danny **

** scores under 130 don't count in our league

ps. Those are our real scores. We are getting real good.

Then we went on a dinner date. After our first 5 choices were closed we settled on a shitty Chinese food place in North Beach, also known as the town Rory built. It was awful. So Danny decided we need to throw his let over food off of something high like Coit tower and watch it "splatter". Before we did that we went and had many cocktails at Romola 15. I found out Danny doesn't understand how drinking works. At one point he said "Bill, I'm so confused. I don't feel drunk, am I gonna be drunk later? Cause right now I feel like I could do math!" Trust me neither one of us were in any shape to do math. Later we did find a spot to throw the Chinese food off. It seemed anti-climatic, but we quickly realized that it was super fun and really wasteful. Sorry mother earth.

Last, but not least:

Morgan Peirce

Do you see this photo? Yoga and Cigs!

If I didn't mention you in this post don't worry. I haven't forgotten about anyone. I love you all!!