Thursday, September 16, 2010


I'm blazing through books right now, but I'm gonna stop reading once Annie and Wiley move here. I will be busy living the life that other people can only dream about. JK, you idiots can't stop me. 

Here is a glimpse at what I'm reading: 

First: a  book called "The Savage Dicks" by Roberto Bolano. I really wanna read 2666, but someone told me to read this first.  The novel tells the story of the search for a female Mexican poet, Ces├írea Tinajero, by two other poets, the Chilean Arturo Belano and the Mexican Ulises Lima'' or at least that is what amazon says it is about. So far it is just a lot of "Blow Job" talk. "She blew this." "I fucked that." Everything is borderline gay, but at the same time real homophobic. Which, I find odd coming from a Latin author. 

Second Book: Pimp by Iceberg Slim.  I love this book, but this is not a book I would easily suggest to someone. It is RAW, I mean really RAW. It is the biography of a reformed pimp, but it reads like something out of Oprah's book of the month club. If you have any apprehension about this book don't read it, but if you have a open mind and your a fan of Scarface check it out. 

Third Book: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. Yale is demanding that I read Lolita, thank you Yale. I read about 70 pages before Morgan told me to stop, but I love it so far. Morgan and I are following this online course and it is great. Black Boy was good, but Wise Blood was outstanding. I highly recommend getting a free Yale education.  


Chris Yarrison said...

Lolita: hilarious. Don't let anyone keep you from reading it. Fuck pimps, this book is about ... well if you don't know what it's about, just read it!

Black Boy, though? I did a terrible report on it in 6th grade. Is it any good?


Bill said...

Listen, I wouldn't say run out and buy Black Boy, but it is a moderately decent book all the way through. He becomes a drunk at 6, burns down his house at three and the last 70 pages are about the Communist party in chicago in the 30's.

Thanks for the heads up on Lolita. I won't let morgan get in my way. BTW, I do know what it is about already. DADDY told me and he likey.

Chris Yarrison said...

Black Boy sounds awesome! I must not have actually read it when that bitch teacher told me to read.

Also I definitely want to read some Rrrrrroberto Bolano.

ben said...

yeah, I would start maybe with something small. I really love Nazi Literature in the Americas