Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Sitch and me.

The Sitch is coming to my work, he just signed a deal with Devotion vodka for $400,000. Devotion Vodka is owned by a close friend of the owner of my store. DO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"In case you weren’t feeling bad enough about yourself today, we figured we’d pass along the curious tale of Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and how he has managed to parlay a penchant for tanning, an obsessive compulsion to go to the gym and possibly the most guido-tastic behavior ever captured on film into a $400,000 vodka deal. Depressed yet? Find out more after the jump.
The Jersey Shore star recently scored a deal with Devotion Vodka, to endorse its booze that claim that in addition to getting you buzzed for a night out, they also help to build ab muscles. Seriously? Boozing and a workout? Sounds too good to be true. And if The Situation is endorsing it, it probably is. But either way we are floored that anyone would cough up that kind of cash to this toolbag. I don’t care if you’re peddling busted “grenades” who live by a daily routine of “GTL,” so long as it doesn’t interfere with spontaneous fist-pumping, The Situation should not be raking in more money than people with real jobs."

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Chet Murphstache said...

what's wrong with his fingers?