Friday, July 9, 2010

rory sheridan

1. Who would win in a fight John Rambo or James Dalton?

Tough one. I'd say Rambo

2. Last time you got stoned and watched star wars?

Quite some time, but I get drunk and watch it on the regs

3. Last time you got buck?


4. How old is Brendan Ash?


5. Who is the more Famous Sheridan your dad or you?

My dads old town famous as shit

6. Who has a bigger dick Scott Rattler or you?

Scott has 2 so thats not fair

7. Favorite Danny Story?

Arabian goggles

8. Fill in the blanks: Zach Lyons is a ______perv_______________ and deserves to ____eat ice cream sanwhiches when he wants__________.

9. Is it true what they say about you?

I think so?

10. What is your next move?

Full length skate video. Only retards and handicap kids get parts

1 comment:

Bill said...

the first comment on this photo is Devin saying: Cheer up, buy a visor.